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[README] Plugin Request Guidelines - Binner_Done - 03-14-2017

So, you want a plugin made but can't make it yourself? Well, the community of Spilled Bukkit will be glad to help! Just make sure you follow by these guidelines.
It should be original.
There's no point in created a plugin that has already been made, so make sure to do your research.

It should be possible.
Plugins cannot:
  • Create a new block or item.
  • Show a picture or video to a player (except maps or displayed in blocks)
  • Create a new creature or monster or change the size of an existing one
  • Check if a player has a texture pack, mod, or hack installed.
  • Play external sound. Can only trigger noteblocks, records and effects.
You cannot offer to pay someone to make your plugin in your thread, however as long as it is offsite, you can pay your developer.
You shouldn't have to PM someone with more information.

Here is an example:
Plugin Name: Example Plugin

What does the plugin do: Every 5 secs, a message is sent saying "Example plugins are amazing!"

What are the permissions: If the person doesn't have permission example.permission then they don't see the message

When should it be done by: One year.