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Welcome to Spilled Bukkit! - Techno_Wizard_ - 03-14-2017

After 3 different forum softwares, we have finally arrived at MyBB, and it seems that we will stay here.

Welcome to Spilled Bukkit!
"Bukkit is dead, they decree"

Welcome to Spilled Bukkit, everyone! To give you some background on who we are, lets go back to the beginning...

About 2 years ago, there was a Bukkit spinoff site called InfernalDevelopers, better known as ID, by Walshy and some other Bukkit members that are today long gone. It was a great hangout for the dedicated members of Bukkit to have their own space that wasn't just for Bukkit programming. Everything was going great, but money became an issue, and the site shut down forever. As many of you here may know, Bukkit has reached a similar fate. The Bukkit forums as we remember them are gone, and have been for some time. 

Several months ago, I posted something about creating some kind of community for when the Bukkit forums died. We wanted to keep our little community, so I created a subreddit, which promptly died when Walshy created a Discord server that still exists. Here's the invite link! http://discord.gg/pgDX2XU However, something about having back ID struck a chord when it was brought up in Discord one afternoon, so we did, and this is the result after a lot of growing pains with various forum softwares. 

So now that the Bukkit forums are gone, Curse (TIL is owned by Amazon, by the way), has a strong grip on the community but won't devote the resources necessary to save it. They only focused on a pretty new site for BukkitDev, deployed in December 2016, and in March 2017 still doesn't work properly. Let the bell of community control ring once more, and long live the Bukkit API and the Bukkit forums community in Spilled Bukkit. Just because the Bukkit spills doesn't mean we're gone.