Full Version: [README] Before you ask for help
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Before you ask for help with your server, here are the things we'll need to give you a hand...

  1. The server version. Older sever versions can cause problems with newer plugins and vice versa.
  2. If the issue has to do with strange server behavior, a list of installed plugins.
  3. A description of the problem. "It doesn't work" gives absolutely no help in figuring out what the issue is.
  4. What did you expect to happen, and what did happen? If what you expected to happen is obvious, of course you don't need to write it, but what happened is incredibly needed to fix the issue. "It didn't work" tells us nothing.
  5. If an error is printed out, make sure to include it in your post. 
And that's about it. I like to keep these short and sweet.  Wink