Full Version: [README] Plugin approval process
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Hey everyone,

Before you go, "What's going on here? What happened to my post?", let us explain. In this section of Spilled Bukkit, all posts must be approved before they are visible for multiple reasons. 

Why, you may ask?
  1. First and foremost, to keep you safe. A staff member looks though every resource posted in the plugin releases forum to make sure they won't destroy your hard work.
  2. To make sure you aren't plagiarizing. We Google around for a second or two to make sure you haven't stolen anyone else's code. 
  3. To protect ourselves. We cannot distribute malware for multiple reasons and are not responsible for anything that makes it though filtering, but we want to reduce the chances of that being an issue in the first place.
We'll try and get your post approved ASAP.

~The Spilled Bukkit Team